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Bruce Gaines


July 26, 1930 - April 15, 2019


Bruce Gaines was a lifetime resident of Indiana and was supremely kind, intelligent, and loving. He attended Butler University to obtain a BS in Insurance and was an active member of Phi Delta Theta and ROTC. Upon graduation in 1953, he joined the United States Air Force as a Lieutenant in Sealand, England. He was in charge of Base Invasion Security as well as M.P. While travelling throughout Europe on various assignments Bruce was also responsible for running the officer club.

Afterwards, he began working for New York Life Insurance Company and Maccabees Mutual Life. In 1959 he became the youngest member of the Million Dollar Round table for achieving 60 continuous years; a lifetime record. In 1960 he founded Gaines Financial Services and began with car Dealers in credit insurance. He also obtained several licenses including:

1956: Life Accident & Health

1959: Real Estate Broker

1971: Property & Casualty

1981: Charter Financial Consultant

1989: Stock Exchange Broker

Bruce started one of the first offshore reinsurance companies in Turks and Caicos, and was President of Acceleration National Insurance Group of Indiana where he expanded into vehicle service contracts. He was deeply involved with Dealer-owned reinsurance companies and his relationship with companies spanned many years:

  • Maccabees Life Insurance - 50 years

  • Protective - 40 years

  • CNA - 40 years

  • Aegon Trans Dealers - 25 years

  • AllState - 25 years


Gaines Financial Services

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